Stay Subscribed,

Get Rewarded!

A new loyalty rewards program has been debuted to say thank you to all you who are subscribed. 

Everyone who has an active subscription account is eligible.*

So, How does it Work?

If you have subscribed to the Themed Box from Black Unicorn, you are eligible to participate in the above loyalty program. 

*Non-Renewing Gift subscriptions and accounts that have been cancelled are not eligible.* 

Each tier is determined by how long you have been subscribed. I wanted to ensure that even people who just started out were eligible for some type of reward, because I truly appreciate the support.

Box inserts all have the loyalty level indicated for that person on the back of it. Monthly prizes will be announced via social media and email. Winners will be chosen at random and will be notified via email their account is under. Winners will have 36hrs to accept their reward before a new winner is chosen and contacted.

Subscribers will only be able to win a drawing once per month. Winners will not be able to win another drawing until all subscribers have won something.

Subscribers who have chosen a 6 or 12 month prepay already have a built in discount and will not receive the discount rewards, but will receive all other rewards and be eligible for drawings.